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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Star*Spanglish Banner

37 years ago a young black man stood before a crowd of nearly half a million and performed his version of the star spangled banner on electric guitar.

There were no lyrics nor language involved other than the universal language of music and the individual expression of an artist and poet who sees and feels far beyond the petty squabbles of that current moment in history.

The performance was an overlay of many issues, not the least of which was a statement on the war being waged at that time.

Yet it was first and foremost, and has since become a defining moment in human history when one individual took the liberty which was paid for by the blood of many generations and said to the world, this generation can be the one to lay the path and point the direction for future generations toward the way of truth and the glory of sustainable global harmony and peace.

The world is a multi lingual environment, and most countries have always been at the very least a bilingual environment. For anyone to think that a symbol of national expression should be confined to one language, or version of culture, ethnic or narrow political form of a specific expression, is simply showing their lack of tolerance and acceptance of the very values and creed of which they claim to stand for and uphold.

Just as flying over a flooded disaster area and not landing due to security issues, and then several months later, surrounded by a bevy of security suits and making every effort to be seen with your arm around the poor ethnic survivor, walking through the remains of her shattered life is a glaring example of how the clouded mind of the oppressor deems himself the savior of the very people whose suffering and deaths he profits from.

Change for the greater good involves including and accepting all the diversity which makes up the greater whole, while embracing the languages and arts which express the dreams and desires of the greater collective heart and mind of the people.

The one common thread which weaves all others into the entire fabric of life is that of kinship, brothers and sisters living together on a fragile blue rock adrift in space, desiring to cease the cycle of rockets red glare and bombs bursting everywhere, and to vanquish the fear and petty issues of the past for the harmony, humanity and peace of our future.

©Bruce Larson*Moore
The Last*War


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