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Monday, May 01, 2006


Compassion, tolerance and love are self organizing mechanisms which follow Universal*Laws of Truth. If one looks to the reality of this, they will see that all those who trust in that path are very highly organized into what is statistically a 300% per year growth rate of progressive individuals, who are collectively changing the way things are being done.

Much of the negative things currently occurring in the world are a direct result of those who follow the path of the old energy and the fear it demands, reacting to the new energy which is self organizing under the natural laws of tolerance, compassion and love.

Most of this change is subtle in the way that nature is 90% of the time, yet when the stress of a shift is built to the point of expansion, the remaining shift will take place dramatically.

Those who are ready to accept the change will continue, those who are not will have a very hard time coping if they can at all.

The Age of Compassion is dawning, and no level or action of fear can halt the inevitable outcome, which is the total vanquishing of fear and the hate it needs so desperately to survive.

Any nation or organization held by fear will not survive the global reality of The*People embracing truth.

Ones options are to lead, join or get out of the way.

Peace All*Ways leads to Truth

Truth All*Ways leads to Peace


The 13-Establishments of Truth


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