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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


A child's last hope in a world who's neglected why christmas came to be.

* * *

We say it’s your birthday, so happy birthday to you,

We say it’s your birthday, so look at all we’ve done in the name of you,

We say it’s your birthday, so what the hell did you expect us to do, we lost some hope once we hung you on sticks crossed in two,

We say it’s your birthday, we’ve tried to see the light, but the darkness creeps into our might,

We say it’s your birthday, yet mostly we just shop for those who have more than you, we lost the way when other wise men said we should die for you,

We say it’s your birthday, then we move more wealth into the hands of the few, we almost completely ignore those who sleep under the pews,

We say it’s your birthday, we’ve got more churches than affordable homes, from the money we’ve collected in the name of you, they’re grand places to gather and deny the world is screwed,

We say it’s your birthday, we love to sip eggnog and shop for me, me, me, her, her, her, him, him, him and well - ok one for you,

We say it’s your birthday, for 2006 years we have been waiting, now you’re back saying MAN i*said it was up to you, spread the truth and don't let the money changers profit from the pews,

I*see it’s my birthday and all i’ve ever asked is that world peace starts with you, “Peace on Earth” was the word, what part of that catch phrase did you forget, for heavens sake,

So ok - MAN you botched the job, no worries, WOMAN was the backup plan, so here’s the new deal, same as the old, Relationship,

World*Peace - No*Compromise
Clear enough ? No more second chances,

Because there’s no where for life to go until World*Peace RULZ this show, sound harsh, well that's the game, like i*told you - MAN,

No*Hate - No*Fear

Now we’re going to make it DAMN*CLEAR

World*Peace is why you’re HERE
No*Compromise - No*Fear

True*Spirit and the Hidden*One are HERE

So where’s HERE you ask ?

Everywhere, in Each one, Each heart, where I’ve always been, waiting for the Hidden*One, the one you banished, threatened and chased away,

The*Truth, My*Truth

Now we’re together in each and every one,
Spirit and Truth for all the world to see,

{ Truth the Spirit of all Faiths }

*United for Peace*

In every heart, every mind, every body, every soul who sees the truth of our garden, planted long, long ago, gone to seed but now ready to grow, grow, grow . . . .

You say it’s my birthday, so happy birthday to me, all i’ve ever asked for is World*Peace to Be.

©Bruce Larson*Moore


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