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Thursday, March 31, 2005


Art is about shifting realities, drawing the artist vision into focus for others to enjoy and ponder. Taking the audience on a visual, spiritual, sensual and emotional journey. Whether in sculpture, on canvas, photographed, played out on stage, recorded in music, motion pictures or the written and spoken word, art is about showing and celebrating the emotional beauty, history and ever changing reality that is life and living.

Without question the art of motion pictures and the television media have captured the global consciousness and attention of man more completely than any other art form in history has. The only thing that even comes close in comparison is our love for and interest in the natural world, the place we grew up in, the womb of all life.

Throughout all the history of human art there has been one constant ever changing yet basic medium that ties all art mediums together, the one basic talent which started the entire history of art and the human condition. That medium is the Spoken Word, without which we would not exist in the form we do now. It encompasses everything we do and of course is central to every interaction we take with others.

It can be easily argued that Poetry was the very first art form, developed as oral history by the human condition. Story telling was perhaps the single most important act that led to our success as a species. Poetry helped to create art and the human condition, it has kept us together and connected through out all the joy, sorrow, and change of our history on earth. And ironically even though the spoken word is quite simply the act of living in all it’s myriad forms and the foundation of all other human interaction, it is the least performed, read, appreciated and least understood of all the varied art forms.

Our world has become a many splendid and splintered stage, with everything and everyone in competition for attention and their 15 minutes. Also ironically but actually more justifiably it is the spoken word which now stands ready in the wings, as it all*ways has to unite us into the beauty and wonderment of the living poetry that the human condition has all*ways had the most desire to become.

One United Tribe.

It is the spoken word that ties us to one another, that has kept us together, allowed us to develop everything we have and everything we are. And it is the spoken word which can now bring us back together into the original tribe we once set out to become all those millions of years ago.

The spoken word unites us, defines us, celebrates us, and all of creation both mortal and divine, terrestrial and spiritual. Spoken word has all*ways been and is the single saving grace of humanity, and it is now poised in this moment of our history to guide us as it all*ways does into the bright, shining, brilliant,

Age of Compassion

This is what VIP*Media is about, uniting the human condition under one umbrella, into one varied multi cultured garden of living poetry. Drawing all forms of art, living and life into a human Ark of Creation.

The poets, the people, have all*ways had the ability to change the world, and that is true now more than any previous time. History is filled with poet warriors, kings, queens, royal and commoner alike, with one basic desire that threads them all together, a desire to change and improve on what came before them, and most of all a desire to unite the tribe.

For the first time in our history the tools and power to accomplish that unification are at hand. Tools that nearly every child on the planet can master with little or any need of adult manipulation. The beauty and justice of it all is that they are using the written and spoken word to accomplish this dream which has eluded us for so long.

This Revolution is teaching us all what we instinctively knew in the very beginning,

All we need to do is -

Just Keep Talking.

Into that continuum enters VIP*Media, pulling all the arts into one global form of communication, giving every child the ability to voice their dreams and desire to the world.

What they are saying is -

We are Living*Poetry
Welcome to “our” Garden

Home of the Bitchun*Society