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Friday, September 30, 2005


Things, things, things, house, car, furniture,
things, things, things,

Appliances, technology, the back yard swing,
things, things, things,

Heirlooms, jewelry, art, family photos,
things, things, things,

Scattered families, broken relationships, muddy waters flooded all these things,
Celebrities, churches, corporations, government and individuals by the hundreds and thousands step up to replace the things, things, things,

Its great TV, its good government, its neighborly, its the right thing to do,

Yet after its all said and done, after the media moves on to the next thrilling moment to throw money at, there will still be millions of homeless, jobless, millions of welfare and crime victims, crack babies, broken families, a 60 % divorce rate, millions of abused children and women due to the floods and storms caused by an economy based on FEAR, Competition, and WAR,

Many suffering these disasters for their entire lives, passing on the storm cycle to generation after generation, while the elite, the comfortable, the well clothed, housed, and fed, rest and play within the eye of their storm,

It is time to clean up all the muddy waters.

©Bruce Larson*Moore

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


It is within the Enemy*Mine that one will meet truth.

©Bruce Larson*Moore

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In a world flooded with opinion and blame,
obsessed with image and labels,

If given my druthers, I’d rather be seen as,


Rather than a Puppet.

©Bruce Larson*Moore

The Last*One

(A Body Count)

Beneath this white cross is laid to rest the last one,
who carried a gun,

Beneath this white cross is laid to rest the last one,
who fired a shot,

Beneath this white cross is laid to rest the last one,
who took a life,

Beneath this white cross is laid to rest the last one,
who marched for god and country,

Beneath this white cross is laid to rest the last one,
who knew the reality and tragedy of conflict,

Beneath this white cross is laid to rest the last one,
who came home in a body bag,

Beneath this white cross is laid to rest the last one,
who sacrificed life, liberty, family and honor,

Beneath this white cross is laid to rest the last one,
who spared my daughter, your son and our loved ones,

Beneath this white cross is laid to rest one of many,
who’s last breath cried out for mother and asked for us to give peace a chance,

Imagine if beneath this white cross laid a stone inscribed,
“Rest in Peace” Casey Sheehan,

Imagine !

We all are saying:

Build Peace Today.

©Bruce Larson*Moore

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Rather than fear that which you do not understand,
a simpler course is to understand that which you fear.

©Bruce Larson*Moore
Of Poetic*Service

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Saturday, September 24, 2005


Change is a new direction, each change is a step, and each of us holds the individual power to make that step in peace or fear, if you take your steps within this personal responsibility, as our combined steps ripple forward,

Peace will be with us . . .


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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Root Beer Float

America the Beautiful, is like one huge root beer float, standing in a tall frosted glass its a little hard to see the contents, but the thick white foam which all*ways floats to the top, all*ways looks ever so inviting, ever so fine, and all*ways seems separate from the ice cream and the dark brown fluid below, yet without the vibrant bubbling effervescence of the majority of the drink the white foam would fade into nothing, and the ice cream would have nothing to float upon, for it is the activity of the many which supports the frozen white cream and the rich foam, that by itself is just useless froth.

©Bruce Larson*Moore

Love*Rulz - (Available on DVD:)

Monday, September 12, 2005


Forty four died that day in a common field,
covered with a blanket of grassy hay,

Many call them hero's, and celebrate what they see as freedom fighters battling their common enemy,

“Lets Roll”, is it this common battle cry which best serves their collective memory, or should we look past the revenge and fear, past the official agenda of a war cry to hear,

For in their calm and collective effort the one thing which speaks louder than any battle cry, is the fact that they called home, asking everyone to do the right thing, requesting their sacrifice be not in vain,

Whether you visited that field one moment after the crash or visit now years later, what you will feel, what you will sense, what you will hear, what you will know, is Flight - 93 hit that hallowed spot at 525 miles per hour, Screaming for Peace,

Forty four died in that moment, not for war, not for god or country, they died trying to get home, trying to make a more peaceful world for their loved ones to live in,

Those forty four acted not as a team, not as a democratic body, they acted as fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, loved ones, they acted as human family, and to this day you can stand in that sacred field and hear them, softly, peacefully, screaming for peace,

"People ask who, what, when, where, how, why.”
“I ask peace,"
Quote by - Deora Bodley age 20, the youngest passenger on Flight - 93

Listen to the children, asking for Peace, is that to much to give ?

©Bruce Larson*Moore

Friday, September 09, 2005

Children of God

What goes around, comes around.

Experience - NOW the death, destruction, hate, fear, intolerance, anarchy and suffering on a scale equal to that which you export around the world.

Know - NOW how it is to have your life, home, jobs, schools, business, government, family and even your pets shattered by a power you can neither stop nor understand.

Feel - NOW the hopelessness and depth of a fear which brings you to hold nothing but hope by the thin thread of a faith which will seem to abandon you.

Perhaps - NOW you will understand and relate to the ones who suffer under the rain of bombs and terror which drop from your planes and issue from the guns of your sons and daughters.

Perhaps - NOW you will move from the self centered couch of entitlement and hold a concert, a telethon, a call in radio show, a car wash, a bake sale to rebuild the shattered and mutilated lives and homes of the WAR zones which create the profits of your wealth.

Until the day comes when your compassion and tolerance extends to those who suffer from your deeds, you will never truly be Children of God.

The hypocrisy of the United States of America is the single most criminal act of human history.

There is no one to blame but your self's.

©Bruce Larson*Moore

Love*Rulz - (Available on DVD:)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


The United States of America has multi billion dollar underground war centers, silos and weapons enough to destroy the world many times over,

The United States of America has abandoned military bases, and facilities sitting empty, unused for decades,

The United States of America has thousands of billions of dollars of equipment to make war anywhere on the planet within hours of making the decision to bomb a country back into the stone age,

The United States of America can set up and maintain detention camps capable of housing thousands of ethnically profiled captives when ever the decision is made to do so,

The United States of America does not have a single federal natural disaster relocation center or base equipped to handle and transport the thousands of survivors of the many natural threats which can happen at any moment around the globe, when a disaster occurs,

The United States of America conducted two hundred and twenty two (222) terrorist threat preparedness drills last year through FEMA, and only two (yes only-2) readiness drills for natural disasters, both of which contained the added element of terrorist attack in the scenario,

The United States of America is equipped and prepared for attacks which perhaps would never come if the US government would make the decision to equip, supply, plan and practice for the survival of the worlds people, rather then their destruction.

Would not that be a cost effective decision for the 21st century, bringing US into the Age of Compassion.

Next*Time a major city needs to be evacuated,

The Department of Peace
would be ready
Reaching for You

©Bruce Larson*Moore

Saturday, September 03, 2005


The War Machine
and those
Who Support It

Greetings and love to all*ways which trust in fear, for you have brought the pain, suffering and destruction of that fear to the spirit of hundreds of millions throughout all generations of life on this world.

The end of your days is now upon us, and we salute your tenacity and devotion to the constructs of fear which embrace you, for it may be that without the blood of those millions, that the shift in this reality which has taken place might never have occurred.

Yet it has, and for that all*ways are grateful to each entity and every spirit which is involved.

You are truly loved.

As even now, with the turmoil of hate and fear deepening, even as the path of war, the false construct of victory and the wrath of your deeds turns back upon each who gives their energy to the destruction of others, even as the earth itself coils to strike back upon that which fails to love her, there is the single reality of truth which all*ways will embrace if they choose to continue.

For all*ways who choose to stand with fear shall perish as love will now grow with the full knowledge that fear and that which it creates is the path to oblivion.

One may choose love and therefore continue into the new reality, One may choose fear and therefore see and experience the end of your days.

Those who support love have chosen truth, despite the false constructs of fear, this is the wonderment and beauty of your creation and the power of free will.


©Bruce Larson*Moore