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Friday, October 07, 2005


From the death throws of the old ways, usher forth the bright rays of things to be.


Love*Rulz (Available on DVD ;)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


“It’s how the world works.”
“This is THE way things are done.”
“Tradition must be followed.”

The truth is: Man has no ownership nor claim to this or any other world nor anything which s/he creates or claims as he/r’s.

The truth is: Man’s view of how the world/universe works is based almost entirely on these mortal concepts of he/r ownership and rights thereof.

The truth is: Reality is based upon the responsibility of the consequences of one’s thoughts and actions.

Pity those who see things for what they are, rather than seeing them for what they can be.

©Bruce Larson*Moore

Love*Rulz (Available on DVD ;)

Sunday, October 02, 2005


In 1492 an occupation force set sail, looking for someone to screw,

Under the propaganda guise of explores seeking a land for the free, taking whatever their courts deemed necessary,

Kings in black robes with laws, wielding the power of life and death, High Priest to oppress the masses, in pew after pew, Robber Barons to enslave the people, and fatten them for the slaughter,

In 1492 an occupation force came looking for a place to raise their sheep, to fleece again and again until everything bleeds for the illusion of peace, freedom and security,

Big Oil, Big Government, Big Tobacco, Big Sugar, Big Real Estate, Big Religion, Big Alcohol, Big Agriculture, Big Science, Big Chemical, Big Drug, Big Health, Big Fashion, Big Image, Big Wealth, Big Lies, Big Denial, Big Fear,



(The Realm of Eminent Domain)
United Suites of America

L.ife I.ndulging E.vil S.adistically

©Bruce Larson*Moore

Love*Rulz (Available on DVD ;)