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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

New*World - Olympic*Dream

Dream the People's, Olympic Dreams,
Create the People's, Sustainable Dreams,
Live the People's, Cultural Dreams,
Respect the People's, Individual Dreams,
Dream Humanities, Olympic Dream,
One*World - One*Dream

©Bruce Larson*Moore
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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Mans self proclaimed view of being the most successful entity on the planet could not be more false. If mans current global situation is a measure of any sort, it is one of pending failure.

Success in the natural continuum is not measured from the top down, the king of beasts is only as strong and successful as that which he feeds upon. Only as mighty as that which holds him aloft.

Survival of the fittest does not mean survival of the most dominate or controlling, nor the winner of any given situation. Creation is built upon the base of cooperation, diversity, and tolerance, survival and thus success in the natural continuum is based upon survival of the most balanced.

Man has learned much upon the road to extinction, and has taken many more down that path than any other in global history, but the road to success, the road toward the continuum of man as a species, has yet to be taken seriously, even though the path to follow has all*ways been there.

A successful species, is one which lives in balance, with diversity, with compassion, with tolerance and awareness of the foundation which supports it. A successful species applies this knowledge to all of its kind and to all of that which it depends upon to continue.

Nature is not locked in an arms race to doomsday, nor has any other species ever been so committed to warring on all of creation as man so desires to be, the path to follow has all*ways been L.O.V.E.

Those who choose the path of love, will be embraced by the nature of Truth.

©Bruce Larson*Moore