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Friday, April 22, 2005


Follow who you are, not what you are.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


? The Second Coming ?
The Second most purchased and read book in history.

Think about it, put your self in the role of christ. Last time you visited there was no global media, no paparazzi. You were able to go about gods will without having to much serious attention paid, for the years it would take. In the end your hung on the cross etc., everyone knows how the story ended, but the details of the message, the years of work were really messed with.

So now the “end times” are near and/or upon us and it’s time for your next go-around. You show up in Jesus Christ Superstar garb, in your robe and flip-flops to the White House and your straight to the whack case bin, if the Bad Fashion Police don't hang you on their virtual tabloid cross first. Pull off a couple of miracles to show your the real deal and the CIA nabs you and its off to Area 51, and half the world ends up fighting the other half. All fine and dandy if the whole Armageddon thing is really what your after.

What ever the case, its just not going to be simple to get the message out, unless you do a direct soul change, brain implant whatever god like communication to each individual you’d like to reach and in a way they would accept it as truth, after all it takes time to penetrate those thick lumps of gray matter. And hey it sure could be done, but you know that's not God/dess style, it whacks the whole free will thing.

So you channel your word into the heart and spirit of a fundamentally good person in the form of a story that the powers your challenging will ignore for the most part. But of course it is so true and supports such a decent reality under the guise of fantasy it sweeps the world. Soon your message is more known and accepted across cultures, boarders, religion, race, age, whatever man made boundary might have existed is vanished in the flash of the moment it takes to put ink to paper, painless and in record time.

Sure those who want to stop you throw stones and try to hang you on a virtual cross or ban and burn the book. They just don't get, or want the truth. SO*WHAT.

Billions DO. They get it, they want it, the kids get it, they want it, your name and message once again is on the lips of every adult and child on the planet who's awake enough to see and accept the truth. The word of compassion, love, trust, forgiveness, peace and caring rings louder and clearer and in every corner of humanity than it ever has. The spirit of the words now live in the heart of every child, will live there forever, carried by the brilliant solution of using the faith each of us holds, in our soul, that god loves all, lives in the natural world, creates breathing, living magical, miracles every single moment of every single day, and yes you are each a part of this creation, each a special miracle.

Just like Harry*Potter.

We know Jesus was a carpenter and his crew were pretty much just regular guys, Harry*Potter and his friends just the kids in us all who want to grow to be magical beings, to change the world for the better, kids who do magic in every day life, just like you. Sure a fantasy, well so was Christ to many people in his day, why do you think anyone paid attention, because he spoke the truth and he could do what they understood as real magic, miracles.

The message is simple, So can you.

For the magic of love is quite simply the truth, especially when worked in a world over flowing with lies.

©Bruce Larson*Moore
Of Poetic*Service

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Teach one to pray or meditate and you heal he/r for a day,

Teach one to love and you heal he/r forever*

©Bruce Larson*Moore
Of Poetic*Service


To the ego ridden, pumped up, phony, glitzy and gilded life style adored and worshiped by animatronic one trick media Barkers, Bobbing their cut, carved and surgically altered, plastic corporate heads to the tune of what's behind door number 3.

To the self righteous, moral, upright viagra sucking limp pricks.

To the smoke filled tacky rooms and blackened skies of the fossil burning, unchanging dinosaur, pea brain mentality.

To arms, to pageant queens,to the phony magic kingdom, cartoon fantasy, greedy vegas pharaohs, who worship themselves and each other with a parade of award shows and holidays befitting the class, style and imagination of a biker build off trophy.

To the robed and suited in armor and armani, lurking behind closed doors, inside cloistered temples, using and abusing every child within the pathetic, desperate reach of the dirty constructed and perverted halls of denial, while plotting and planning their own eminent demise, touting the false virtues of a system so riddled with holy decay, that its stench envelopes the planet with the cheesy air waves of its own putrid consumption.

To both the religious, the right, the left, the GOD damned lazy ass self center, for in THE END which they so much desire and build toward, we the MEEK, the compassionate of heart, the vital and healthy of spirit, the strong of desire and faith, the people, the POETS who all*ways lift their proud heads and helping hands from the clouds and dust of the shattered remains, will usher forth an age built upon the crumbled decay of hate and fear, which lies beneath the dead surface of this current wasted reality.

To all who ignore TRUTH.

©Bruce Larson*Moore of Poetic*Service

Friday, April 01, 2005


The stage is being set, for all the world is a stage, fear not the power of fear for all that it has done and will accomplish is to prepare the ground for the opening act of the true reality. As chaos seems to engulf all that you believe to be sacred and good, know that your belief is only a trust in what you can see and feel at this moment. The constructed power of MAN is shifted by false reality and thus it is a painful and slow building of state, a prison to encompass it’s inmates. The power of truth is shifted in the blink of a moment, the clear and present reality which all know to be the true desire and reality of the whole is given over in a flash of change, creating what now is, from what once was. The result is all*ways truth, and that truth is based on the path of L.O.V.E.

Everything you see and feel the leaders you have chosen doing is only the setting of the stage, for they are simply stagehands, roadies who’s only desire is to set up a good show. They can only see the moment, they live and think in constructs, the creation of change is an act of truth, beyond the reality of the moment. You can only be held by that which is being if you are in that moment or desire what the construct is offering. Living in the reality of truth, embracing the inevitability of change, frees one of the moment and removes one from the constraints of E.V.O.L.

If your desire is to be in the moment or to be cradled by a past construct, than your fate is tied to oblivion. If you choose to be within the creation of truth, beyond this moment, looking only toward the reality of truth and acting on the path of L.O.V.E. your fate is wrapped in the continuum of truth the single reality.

Change your life, change the world.