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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

FORM 1040-MY$$

The 1040-MY$$ people's choice tax form, is the best solution to a transitional method of government reform. By directing 40 percent or more of an individuals tax payment to areas of support chosen by them when filling out check box's on the 1040-MY$$ form. Every area of public spending would be put under a category which would have a corresponding check box on the form. That money would then be evenly split among the spending pools chosen by the tax payer.

People's Choice is a fair and equal way to tax a population.


One Star Naming company alone has named over a million Stars after someone for their birthday, anniversary, wedding day, deceased love one/pet or whatever occasion strikes ones fancy. Sixty US dollars is the going rate for this service, and there are a number of companies providing it on the web.

When those millions of people look into the night sky to see “Their Star”, it is a given fact that the human eye can only see about 2000 stars.

It is also a fact that if those same people look up under an overpass or into an empty lot, they could see if one chose to, with human eyes, over three million homeless souls in the US alone, and 50,000 a day dying world wide.

And so you spend your money and energy on naming stars, bombing and starving children to death, while looking to the heavens for peace and love.

Please Santa, Please,

Dear Mr. Claus,

Every year i meet ya on the street, bell ring-in near the overpass,
where i sleep,

Stand-in by yor pail, feed the homeless ya wail,

Please Santa, Please, find a shelter bed for me this Christmas dae, "you's" won't forget my twelfth birthdae,

Pretty bows, on box's all aglow, stare back from the shop windows,

Walk-in by the fancy ladies, shop-in bags filled for their babies,

Please Santa, Please, a hot meal, some turkey for me this Christmas dae, "you's" won't forget my twelfth birthdae,

Every store strung with holidae things, all the people happy, smile-in on their spend-in flings,

Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward men, distant thoughts, dance-in on the wind,
Please Santa, Please, just a piece of cheese, for me this Christmas dae, "you's" won't forget my twelfth birthdae,

Wander-in all dae long, last year's shoes hang-in on,

Stop-in near the barrel fire, old men eye-in the little ones with desire,

Please Santa Please, make the dreams good for me this Christmas dae, "you's" won't forget my twelfth birthdae,

Ly-in on my cardboard, try-in to remember how to weep, headlights and sirens sing-in me to sleep,

Some where i know kids play in the snow, wonder how it feels,
to play for real,

Please Santa, Please, if i wake up, this Christmas dae, please Santa wish me another for my thirteenth birthdae,

Thanks Mr. Claus, see ya next year, cause i got nowhere to go but here.

12-95 Tok, AK

Look within to see the brilliant star stuff you truly are* . . .


Bruce Larson*Moore
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