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Friday, December 23, 2005

Hymn of the Martyr - Text

If you oppress me, my words will gather strength,

If you imprison me, my words will grow in power,

If you embattle me, my words will turn destruction against you,

If you kill me, my words will haunt your grandchildren's, grandchildren,

* * *
If you embrace me, my words will fade into yours, as yours fade into mine, my lips will speak of you, as yours speak of me,

Together we build tolerance, understanding, compassion, trust and truth,

Divided we foster only fear and kill only trust, divided we know only the death of the other,

Together we understand and know our lives, and embrace the Hymn of Peace for our grandchildren's, grandchildren.

©Bruce Larson*Moore

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

End*Times - Next*Age

It is time to let go of ego and agenda, this will be difficult for many and impossible for some, yet imperative for all.

Speaking now of the end times which are upon us, there is much comfort in the discomfort to come, one must simply accept the end and embrace the new beginning.

It is time for Politics to end & embrace the rules of Governing.

It is time for Religion to end & embrace the truth of its Spiritually.

For Competitive Ego to end & embrace the Grace of Pride.

For Agenda to end & embrace the Giving of Service.

For the Have’s the Have Not's and the Have More’s to blend into the Have*Enoughs.

For Excess to end & Balance to become the judge of merit.

Commercialization must give way to commercial endeavor of culture and diversity.

For Global Economy to embrace Global Moderation.

Individuals to share their Individuality.

Abuse to end & Cooperation and Caring to be the power of ones control.

Violence, Conflict, War, Greed and Winning to end & embrace Sharing, Win-Win Gaming and the Dawning Age of Compassion.

Fear to be Vanquished & Happiness to Reign.

These times are & will be difficult, yet endings are not destruction, they are new beginnings . . .

From the death throes of the old ways, shine the brilliant rays of things to be.

©Bruce Larson*Moore

Saturday, December 10, 2005


(A Christmas Reality Check)

The truth is: More money and resources are invested in building, maintaining and filling rented storage units than is expended on providing affordable housing.

The truth is: More charity dollars and resources are invested in college sports, museums, opera houses and entertainment events for the elite than is on homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and social programs, throughout the globe.

The truth is: More is spent on holiday dinners, party events, junk food and eating out, than is given to global hunger efforts worldwide.

The truth is: The addiction to shopping, over eating, drinking, drugs, violence and fear is supported by more media and corporate dollars per week, than it costs to feed and house the entire worlds population per year.

The truth is: In less than 200 years democracy and its corporate master has plundered, stolen, raped the planet, murdered and oppressed more people with it’s economic power and social policies than have all the efforts of other conquering nations throughout history combined.

The truth is: *Balance = Happiness
Excess = Misery

The purpose of life is Happiness.
The path to happiness is balance.

The direction and management of life’s purpose is choice.

The truth is: You have the power and knowledge to change - today.

The question is:


Balance the One, to Balance the Billions.

©Bruce Larson*Moore

* * *
Please Santa, Please,

Dear Mr. Claus,

Every year i meet ya on the street, bell ring-in near the overpass,
where i sleep,

Stand-in by yor pail, feed the homeless ya wail,

Please Santa, Please, find a shelter bed for me this Christmas dae, "you's" won't forget my twelfth birthdae,

Pretty bows, on box's all aglow, stare back from the shop windows,

Walk-in by the fancy ladies, shop-in bags filled for their babies,

Please Santa, Please, a hot meal, some turkey for me this Christmas dae, "you's" won't forget my twelfth birthdae,

Every store strung with holidae things, all the people happy, smile-in on their spend-in flings,

Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward men, distant thoughts,
dance-in on the wind,
Please Santa, Please, just a piece of cheese, for me this Christmas dae, "you's" won't forget my twelfth birthdae,

Wander-in all dae long, last year's shoes hang-in on,

Stop-in near the barrel fire, old men eye-in the little ones with desire,

Please Santa Please, make the dreams good for me this Christmas dae, "you's" won't forget my twelfth birthdae,

Ly-in on my cardboard, try-in to remember how to weep, headlights and sirens sing-in me to sleep,

Some where i know kids play in the snow, wonder how it feels,
to play for real,

Please Santa, Please, if i wake up, this Christmas dae, please Santa wish me another for my thirteenth birthdae,

Thanks Mr. Claus, see ya next year, cause i got nowhere to go but here.

©Bruce Larson*Moore
Tok, AK

The Truth is: Compassion is the foundation of the natural divine reality.