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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sex, Drugs & Music

The age old formula for manipulation and control of others.

Using attraction, addiction & temporary desire relief a population is manipulated, directed and controlled to any end, by the elite who manage the flow of education, activity and thinking.

This formula and practice has existed for thousands of years.

The recent change to Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll in modern times has raised the efficiency and speed in which cultural shifts in direction and control can be accomplished. Adding to this is the power, speed and effectiveness of information age communication and warfare.

We have created a propaganda and war machine capable of the mass destruction of the social, moral, cultural and infrastructure of a society.

In the past the evolution of this system of change was fairly gradual, giving each previous generation a somewhat natural period of adjustment. Today that time frame is no longer employed and we have also added a powerful and more dangerous element to the equation which effects every aspect of an individuals life. One which has traditionally been reserved for those who are directed toward the role of police and military function.

With the wide spread cultural acceptance of competition and violence into every aspect of human endeavor, we have tipped the tenuous balance of an already inherently unstable system of change into a uncontrollable manic slide of an aggressive and abusive feeding frenzy mentality.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you feed him for a life time”

We are teaching our children to pathologically over fish the system, in a cannibalistic frenzy of unnatural and unsustainable consumption.

Pandora's box is open and the only path to freedom is the truth.

In order to stop this insanity, we must redefine the very words and concepts which drive our dreams and value of achievement and success.

The human race is consuming itself and the planet by attempting to live a fairy tale lifestyle, and we continue to force feed future generations with the fantasy of glory, wealth, larger than life ego driven dreams of conquest, treasure and unlimited worlds to rape, plunder and destroy at will.

Argue all you want that TV, movies, video games etc. are all just fantasy and people know the difference. The reality, the truth is, that all media drives forward into practice the wishes, dreams and desires of its consumers.

You are what you desire, you will become what you dream.

Teach one to pray and/or meditate and you heal he/r for a day, teach one to love and you heal he/r forever.

Redefinition and therefore rewiring of your thought systems is the key.


Master Bedroom:
Where the slave holder sleeps and beds whom ever s/he wishes.

Partner Suite:
Where lovers meet, to build, discuss and consummate their relationship.

The very structure of our speech commands and develops our thinking and actions in often unseen ways, that destroy the grace and beauty which we so long to be.

Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll,

Think about It - Think*different.


©Bruce Larson*Moore

Monday, July 18, 2005

The Last War

Freedom, Peace and Security will NEVER be won nor secured by the sword, another war will always need to be fought to end the fear of the sharp blade against the vital thoughts of change.

The last war will be waged without soldiers or freedom fighters, without blood shed or death, no rockets red glare, no bombs bursting anywhere.

The last war will not cause suffering, broken hearts, splintered spirits, or shattered bodies and souls, the creation of nature and man will not be crushed under the rolling thunder of armored machines, chemicals will not rain down from above, maniacal viruses will not attack from within, suicide terror raids, genocide, and nuclear holocaust will have no place in the last war, the casualties will be the end of competition, industry, government and religion which plan for and carry out the destruction, addiction and control of others.

The last war will be waged BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE, a war where all things will be TREATED as equal, a war employing weapons of MASS COOPERATION, battles fought and won with tolerance for all, understanding of difference, awareness of responsibility, a war in which compassion and love conquer and destroy the final evil enemy of humankind, the last war, the mother of all wars, the war to end all wars, must be waged upon fear.

We the People, declare a global war on fear.

How do we the people start this war, how do we wage this war, how do we the people win the last war ?

We start by turning away from those who support fear, by denying our services, our employment, our political, financial, moral and spiritual support to those who build and profit from the economy of competition, addiction and war.

We wage the last war by demanding that our energy and environment be clean and renewable, by demanding that the thousands of billions of dollars spent yearly on making the weapons and means of war be shifted and added to the nearly meaningless hundreds of billions which is reluctantly parted out for social, health, education and domestic infrastructure.

We win the last war by simply entrusting our votes, our support, our children's and grandchildren's lives to those of US whose words and actions DELIVER love and truth.

We the people can, will and must defeat fear.

©Bruce Larson*Moore

Saturday, July 02, 2005

4th of July Culture

It was a convenient accident of birth that I was born an American, I despise nearly everything america is built upon and stands on.

I long for everything we claim to stand for -

The Culture of TRUTH.